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Verizon and the NBA believe this feature could boost fans’ interest and engagement in live games, even otherwise boring ones. This kind of in-game, real-time wagering could tap into a fan base that is currently being courted by a multitude of other mobile game apps and interactive entertainment options. Massive revenue boosts have been forecast for the sports that can most quickly mobilize media, business, and technology partnerships to gain an early advantage. Mainstream franchise owners like Mark Cuban are reportedly excited about the legalized gambling announcement, as they feel this allows them to integrate themselves into the betting infrastructure and get a piece of every bet that takes place on their teams. These opportunities extend well beyond the big-time professional sports leagues; smaller-market sports and college athletics — particularly major TV events like the March Madness college basketball tournament — already attract major legal and illegal wagering. So what about pro cycling, where one can already wager in limited markets? How can this development be leveraged to drive broader interest and viewership in the sport? At first glance, cycling would appear to offer many varied and interesting alternatives for in-race and live wagering. For example, real-time betting lines could be developed for intermediate sprints or mountain ascents, top-five finishers, the top team, and so on. However, as we have pointed out previously , pro cycling lags behind most other sports in terms of its broadcasting options and market reach.

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soldier was killed in an insider attack in southern Afghanistan. Eastern Afghanistan, where U.S. Special Forces units have regularly been deployed against Islamic State militants, has been one of the deadliest areas for the U.S. military since its main combat operation against the Taliban ended in 2014. The latest death was the third in the eastern region since the start of the year after a service member was killed and four wounded during operations in Nangarhar province in January and another was killed in Kapisa province in April. Thursday’s incident occurred on the same day that NATO leaders were discussing Afghanistan at a summit in Brussels where U.S. President Donald Trump pressured allies to lift their defense spending. U.S. officials have said the United States is preparing to undertake a review of its strategy in Afghanistan, a year after Trump authorized thousands more troops and greater use of air power in a bid to force the Taliban to accept peace talks. On the same day the U.S.

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